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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pub Cider - Spirit Tree - 6% - Caledon, ON.

So, already everything is falling apart with this blog.
Set up to showcase 41 beers given to me for my birthday I've already gone and buggered that up.
You see, we were out driving today in Caledon. Suddenly there was a sign for the Spirit Tree Estate Cidery. I've never been to a cidery and decided to remedy this.

Now I know it's not beer, but seeing as its my blog and cider is a refreshing beverage, I don't give a hoot.

Their Traditional Pub Cider pours out bubbly and clear. Light blonde colour. It is a crisp, fruity, and tasty beverage. Not too acidic or over powering in any way. Delicious. Very drinkable on a warm June afternoon. A wee bit expensive should you be looking to provide enough for a large crowd. Each bottle 500 mL will set you back close to $6.00. However, if you wanted to throw in something new to change up a beer blog, what's $6.00 among friends?